Can I split one audio file into different pieces?

So, maybe you have attached some dialog to your character but you have several short scenes where the dialog needs to stretch thru.  Or perhaps you have a popping noise at the beginning of your recorded/imported sound and wish to get rid of it.  Whatever the case may be, this is the article that will show you how to split your audio clip into separate pieces.  Brace we go!

1.) First click on the sound that you wish to split.  The sidebar will pop up.  Move your cursor to "Detach from scene"

2.) Notice, the background color of the clip changes from white to teal? This audio clip is now detached and ready to be split. Click on the clip again.  Do you see the thin vertical red line? This shows the point where the audio clip will be split.

3.) After you choose the "split" option from the sidebar, your 2 pieces can move freely side to side.

4.) So now you know how to split audio.  This can be done with sound effects, music, etc...From here you can either move the clips between other scenes or completely delete the extra section.  In the picture below, I am displaying how to "remove" an extra piece.  This is good to know, just in case you might have a weird clicking/popping sound at the very beginning (or end) of your audio clip.  You can simply remove it by splitting the sound.

5.) Here you can choose to re-attach your sound clip to your scene.  This will disable the ability to move the sound clip around and designate it to that particular scene.

6.) Lastly, here is the difference between an attached scene and a detached scene.


Perfect!  If you are interested in in learning about lip syncing, click Here.

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