Using Non-Latin Character Sets In Text-To-Speech

There are several ways to make a character talk in GoAnimate. You can record your own voice directly into the platform, upload a pre-recorded audio file, or use the built-in text-to-speech engine. When using text-to-speech, you’ll get the best results by entering text in the language that corresponds to the voice you’ve chosen. For example, if you’ve chosen an English voice, type in Roman characters. If you’ve chosen a Russian voice, type in Cyrillic.

This is critically important for languages that don’t use a Latin-based character set, such as Russian, Chinese, and Japanese.

If your keyboard doesn’t support the language you want, use a translation tool to convert text from one language to another. Using Google’s service as an example, here is how to do that:


Step 1

Type the native-language text in the left pane. It will automatically be translated into the language you select in the right pane, as shown below.


Step 2

Copy the translated text from the right pane, and paste it directly into GoAnimate’s text-to-speech engine, like this:




Step 3

Generate the voice for your character by clicking the green button.



 Free translation services, such as Google’s, aren’t perfect, but they will usually do the job well enough for most text-to-speech use cases.

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