I am getting an Invalid File Type error when uploading audio.


When I import an audio file, I get an invalid file type error.  



Things to check:

1. Is this a supported file type

2. Does the audio file have 1 channel or 2 channels?


Not sure? There's a few different ways to check this. Here is one:


Download MediaInfo, which is a free software for analyzing audio and video files. You can find the file here.




Drag your file into MediaInfo and it will analyze the file.  Under the 'Audio' section, you will see either 1 channelor 2 channels.


If the file is 1 channel, you can convert it to a stereo track and then try to import into the platform again.


How do I make my mono audio file a stereo audio file?


There are a ton of different methods for accomplishing this, but I will show you a quick and easy way to do so in Audacity which is free. 



Select All & Copy




Insert new stereo track



Paste the copied audio into the stereo track. You'll see on the left side that it says stereo. You will also now see the audio waveform twice instead of once. 




At this point, you can delete the mono track since you'll no longer need it. To do this, click the x in the top left corner of the mono track.




Now you can export your file to any format that you need it in. You may need plugins to export to M4A or Mp3. More info can be found in the Audacity forums. 



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