Copying Custom Characters from One Account to the Other

GoTeam Admins Only:

You can now copy someone else's characters from one account to the other! 

To do this: 


1. Click on the dropdown options where the different themes are and click "Shared with you"



2. Click on "Starters" and choose the scene with the character in it that you want to copy to your account


3. Once in the scene, go back to the scroll down and choose the "In this video" option


4. From here, click the "Characters" tab and find the character you want to copy. Once you have found the character, click the little "+" sign at the bottom right corner of the character. 


5. Once clicked, click the "ok" button


6. This will lead you to your character creator where you can edit the character's clothing, hair etc. 


7. After you're done click the "Save" button at the top right corner (indicated in orange). This will lead you back to the list of custom characters in your library and a message on top that reads: 



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