Black screen instead of thumbnail

Description: When viewing a video on, before pressing play, the chosen thumbnail appears briefly, and then there is a black screen instead of the assigned thumbnail.


Scope: Videos with elements that are incompatible with the updated conversion process, such as:

  •  Long duration (if over 4 min suggest the customer break it down into parts)
  •  Too many loaded assets in the video (use your own judgment)
  • Imported SWF files
  •  Complicated timeline -  
  • Noto CJK font set as bold
  • Blur zooming transition effects 
  • Complexity Warning Messages (too long, zooms, too many effects) 

* This list is not exhaustive, and more info will be added as issues are discovered.



- Removing the incompatible elements from the video. If unsure what the incompatible elements are, feel free to email us at 

- Downloading your video and hosting it on another sharing platform (YouTube, etc.)


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