How Do I Share Custom Characters With Others On The Team?

NOTE: This article only applies to the GoTeam subscription plan.

While you can't share them directly, there's a quick-and-easy solution - Create and share a Starter!

Step 1 - Create a single-scene video that contains the custom character you want to share.


Step 2 - Save it as a Starter.


Step 3 - Give your new Starter a name and save it.


Step 4 - Locate the new Starter in Your Library and click on the small information bubble.


Step 5 - Share with all team members, or just a select few.

To use the custom character in a video, simply add the shared Starter to your video, copy and paste the character from the Starter scene to any other scene, and remove the Starter scene. While the shared character won't show up in your list of custom characters, it will always be available in this single-scene shared Starter. In a future update, we will make sharing custom characters as easy as it is to share other assets today.

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