Can I monetize videos I create with GoAnimate?

Yes, and there are two options depending on which subscription plan you purchase. You can post videos on sites that allow you to earn ad revenue, such as YouTube, and you can sell videos directly.

GoPublish Plan (Ad revenue only)

With a GoPublish subscription, you can post videos on ad-supported sites.

A GoPublish license does not include:
- The right to remove or replace the GoAnimate logo
- The right to sell videos to others


GoPremium and GoTeam Plans (Ad revenue + video sales revenue)

A GoPremium or GoTeam license adds the following additional rights:
- The right to replace or remove the GoAnimate logo
- The right to sell videos to others. Each video that is transferred to a customer requires a $99 rights transfer fee (see image below).


You may not distribute GoAnimate videos over traditional mass media, such as terrestrial or cable TV, regardless of which subscription plan you have with a separate Broadcast Rider.


GoAnimate retains all rights to the GoAnimate platform and individual component parts.  Your rights only apply to finished videos.

For all the details, please see our Terms Of Use.


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