How Do I Use The Folders System in The ‘Your Videos’ Page?

If you’re taking advantage of the unlimited video creation that you automatically receive with your subscription, chances are the list of video titles on the “Your Videos” page is getting pretty long. And if your list is long, it’s probably taking you much longer to find the right video than it should. In this article, we show you how to use folders to organize your videos.



How To Use The Folders System In The ‘Your Videos’ Page


Now when you’re logged in and at the Your Videos page, you can create a folder easily. Just scroll all the way over the right hand side of the page and look for the little folder icon.


Click it to create a new folder.


From there you can add more folders or just get started dragging and dropping your videos into it.


When you’re ready, hover over your video title of choice, and drag and drop it into a folder.


You can easily rename a folder, or take a video out of a folder and drag and drop it into another one.


Happy animating!

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