How to Use the Search All Themes Function

Search All Themes is an easy way to search for props or templates based on keywords or phrases across all of our themes.  To use it, you’ll first need to be in the video maker. You can access the video maker by clicking on any theme on the Make A Video page while logged in to start a new video. Alternatively you can get there by opening a video you’ve saved in order to edit in. No matter how you get there, once you’re in it will always be in the same place.


In the video maker, go to the drop down menu on the left hand side of the stage and click on the Themes drop down menu to reveal more options. Then select the option Search All Themes, as shown below:


Enter a keyword or search term in the search box (this will have a looking glass icon on it) and hit enter. Any results that are available will show up in the Props tab and Templates if they exist.




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