How To Make A Video (Using The Video Maker)

Ever wondered how to use GoAnimate?

It’s easy with simple drag and drop, point and click tools.

Check out this tutorial video and its transcript below. We’ll show you around the site and share a few tips and tricks.

Happy animating!



Welcome to GoAnimate, a fun, fresh, and creative way to breathe life into your story through animated video.

We use simple cloud-based, drag and drop, point and click tools, so you can easily make your own videos to promote, present, train, explain and entertain — without the extensive and expensive resources required for traditional video production.

Let’s show you how it works!

We offer over a dozen creative themes – which are carefully produced sets of matching assets, such as characters, actions, backgrounds and props — each with a unique visual style.

Some allow you to lip sync. Others come armed with tons of actions.

Choose a theme based on its look or features … and you’ll land inside the “Video Maker”.  This is the main work area inside GoAnimate.  It’s divided into three sections.  The Stage … the Timeline … and the Tray, which is where all the assets are kept.

We have thousands of characters, backgrounds and props for you to choose from, and more are being added all the time.

Changing the background is as easy as dragging it onto the stage.

The same goes for characters, or any other asset.  Simply drag … and drop.

If you select a character, the Action Panel slides out.  From there, you can give your character an action… a line of dialogue …or even a powerpoint style entrance or exit.

Props work the same way.  Drag them onto the stage.  Select them to assign an entrance or exit.

While selected, it’s easy to change an object’s size.  Just drag the corner.

It’s also easy to flip their direction, or stack them in front of or behind another object.

You can also create your own custom characters using our Character Creator …or import your own audio, image, video or flash files.  This is a great way to bring in externally recorded narration, your logo, or pictures of your building or campus.

“Starters” are pre-built video segments for common functions, such as logo screens and calls to action.  Like everything else, just drag them onto the Stage.

Once there, they can be edited just as if you built that segment from scratch.

If you do build a video segment from scratch — and love it — you can save it as a starter for future use.

If you need a really quick win, try one of our Templates.  These are pre-made video “shells” for dialog-based scenes.

Just select a video style you like, your characters, and a background and record audio directly into the video.

Make sure to regularly save your work.  While saving, you can adjust the privacy setting.

Drafts are completely invisible to everyone except for you.  Private videos are invisible to everyone except people you share the link with.  Search engines can’t draft or private videos either.  Public videos are discoverable by everyone.

If you choose Save and Share, you will have numerous sharing options.  You can share links, copy and paste the embed codes or download the mp4 video file. You can do this manually or take advantage of our publishing partner buttons.

That’s it.  We hope this whirlwind tour has shown you how easy it is to get started on GoAnimate.  There’s a lot more you can do with the site.  But we’ll save those details for another tutorial.

Check out the latest at our blog or YouTube Channel!

Happy animating from your friends at GoAnimate!

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