Revision History




So for the past week, you’ve been working on a video for your company. Then you show it to your boss. ...and she goes like: “ah ha, I wanna make changes!” You go back to your desk, work some more, make changes, works some more, make changes, works some more... And then she goes. I liked it better before! That’s when you go crazy. Or not! Now with revision history on GoAnimate. Every time you save your video, a new revision is created. To see the revisions created for a specific video, click on “Revision History”. On the video page, revisions will show on the right of the video player, and you can select any past revision to watch, edit or make a copy of. Ever better, revisions are also created when our Video Maker makes an automatic save, making sure you don’t lose your work. And of course, revision are only visible to you, the creator of the video. Your audience will only see the end video you choose to publish. Revisions are already available for your current videos. Try this cool feature out now.

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