Making Characters Lip Sync - Part 1

The following is a transcript of this tutorial:

This tutorial introduces the basics of adding voices to GoAnimate videos. You’ll see that adding voices is very easy.

When you want to make a character speak, all you have to do is select it. Then click on the dialog tab.

On top, a status informs you whether the character already speaks a line. At the bottom, options are available for you to add a voice.

You can record it yourself, upload an mp3 or select a voice clip you previously uploaded.

If you are in a hurry, you can also use our text-to-speech feature. The voices are not good enough for a professional video, but it can allow you to put a draft video together quickly.

Let's try mic recording. An overlay opens. The first time you use this feature, you will be asked to let our application access your microphone.

Click to start, 321...

“Hey. How are you? You look like you are in a rush.”

then stop it.

You can playback and re-record it until you are satisfied.

After recording, type in your dialog for reference.

Then click the “add voice” button.

Next, the voice is attached to the character. It will lip-sync. And the corresponding scene duration has automatically changed to fit the duration of the voice clip!

Let’s see what we’ve made so far.

If you want to add a new dialog line, press “add scene.” Putting the line in a new scene will make it easier to manage your video’s timing.

Then you can record the new line in the same way.

“Yes. I'm going for an interview and I'm late.”

Let’s quickly add one final line.

“You go to an interview… dressed like this?”

Let’s preview the video again.

That was easy, right?

In this example, we’ve added voices to characters. You can also add narration. To do so, click on the stage to open the “scene settings” panel, then add the voice-over in the narration tab. The difference between narration and dialog is that no character will lip-sync to narration.

If you want to learn advanced techniques or simply want to know what happens next in this story, watch our advanced voice tutorial.

Happy video-making from your friends at GoAnimate!


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