How To Create An Image With No Background Color

Sometimes, you want to use an image without any background color.  This is often called a transparent background.  If you don't have an image that already has a transparent background, you can create one using image editing software.  One of our favorite tools is GIMP.  It's free and very powerful.  Learn about other tools here:

Here is how to create an image with a transparent background, using GIMP:

Open your image in GIMP

From the Layer menu, select Transparency, then Color to Alpha...


Select the color you want to remove and click OK.  You can even preview the results ahead of time.  Here is an example removing the white background:

Next, export the image as a .PNG file and import it into GoAnimate.  Here is a screen shot showing the difference between a file with a white background and one that has been converted to a transparent background:




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