Making Characters Lip Sync - Part 2

The following is a transcript of this tutorial:

In this Advanced Voice tutorial, we will describe techniques to control the timing of voices.

We will continue editing the video we started in the basic voice tutorial.

Let’s preview what we created in the basic tutorial.

In this tutorial, we’ll have the poor interviewee magically  change outfit… Let’s add a new scene and add a line to the character.

Click on the character, then on the dialog tab.

Click here to add a scene and we'll use Mic recording for the line.  

“Oh. You think my outfit is not appropriate? How about now?”

Let’s add another scene. In this final scene we will swap the character to give her an appropriate outfit.

Let’s preview the result.

It's not bad. But it would be better if the character could change clothes right in the middle of the line.

To do that we need the voice clip to span 2 scenes.

But - by default the voice clip is married to a single scene.  We need to break that relationship.  

To detach the voice, click on the voice clip. In the fly-out menu, select “detach from scene.”

When the voice clip is detached, it changes color to let you know.

Detached voice clips are free, for lack of a better word.  You can drag them anywhere on the timeline.  Or you can leave them in place and move scenes against them..

That’s what we’ll do here.  We’ll leave the voice clip matched to the beginning of the scene to preserve the lip sync.

We then “trim” the end of the first scene, and move the second scene forward to match up against the lines until we have restored the lip sync.

Let’s preview it again.

That’s an improvement.

But what if we wanted to insert an additional line in the middle of the sequence?  

We’d need to use the split line feature.

First, we’ll record a new line for the first lady in this scene. She’ll just say: “Yes.”

Then we’ll detach this new voice clip from the scene so we’re ready to move it around.

Next we’ll find the point in the existing recording where we want to insert the new line.

You can see the waveform is flat here. That means the recording is silent between the existing lines.

Let’s click where we want the split to happen, and click on “split”. We can now drag the two parts of the clip separately., and insert the new line.

We’ll also massage the scenes again to make the lip sync work.

Let’s preview it again.

Let’s quickly throw-in a few extra camera and visual effects.

We’re ready for a final preview.

That’s it! You now know how to use advanced techniques to control the timing of voices in your videos.

Happy video-making from your friends at GoAnimate!


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