Getting Started (4/7) - How To Import Assets Into GoAnimate

Video tutorial transcript:

Hi everyone! In this video you will learn the basics of how to import assets, such as images, videos, sounds and fonts, into GoAnimate.

To get started, click on the import icon here. This opens the import panel. You can either drag your files  to the panel or click the “select files” button. Click the button and select the asset you'd like to import. Here, we’ll select an image. Images can be imported as either props or backdrops. Props can be resized and moved around. Backdrops are full-screen and fixed. To add the imported image to a scene, click the “Add to scene” link here. Imported props behave like other props in the Video Maker. You can apply enter and exit effects, flip, and resize. Here is a preview of the video so far.

All imported assets are stored in "Your Library", which is accessed from the “theme dropdown” menu. “Your Library” is organized by category. With a click, you can filter the library for backdrops, props, fonts, sounds or videos.

This ends the tutorial about importing assets. Happy video-making from your friends at GoAnimate!


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