Introduction To GoAnimate

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45 Minutes

In this webinar, you will learn to do all of the basic tasks necessary to create professional quality videos.


Using the Video Maker

  • Stage
  • Tray
  • Timeline
  • Templates

Working with Templates

  • Pre-animated Sequences
  • Using the Color Picker

Working with Characters

  • Selecting and Replacing
  • Resizing
  • Actions, Poses and Expressions

Adding and manipulating props

  • Entrance / Exit effects – the basics
  • Importing your own props - the basics
  • Bring Forward / Send Backward

Working with sound

  • Giving characters lines and making them lip sync
  • Adding narration
  • Adding sound tracks

All about Scenes

  • What is a “scene?”
  • Adding, Copying, and Pasting scenes

Saving and exporting videos – the basics

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