How To Use Transitions - Part 1

The following is a transcript of this tutorial:

Welcome to this tutorial about scene transitions. This is the first of two videos on the topic. In this video we will focus on explaining what transitions are and how to use them in GoAnimate videos.

In GoAnimate, videos are made of scenes. By default, a cut or abrupt transition is applied to go from one scene to the next. A cut transition is the most basic transition possible, and it often makes sense to use other transitions to make videos visually engaging and help support the message told in the scenes.

For example a dissolve or fade transition can be used to represent the passing of time.

A slide, clean with brush or wipe transition is also great to visually separate different sections of a video.

Let’s now use some of the above transitions to enhance the following sample video. We’ll preview it first. At the moment, it only features default cut transitions.

A character is getting ready for work, and then has a conversation with a colleague about the previous weekend.

The character stays at home in scene one and immediately appears in his working place in scene two. The whole journey in-between is skipped. To help represent this journey, it’s possible to use a scene transition.

Let’s click on the stage. The scene settings panel slides out. Click on the effects tab and then the add link. This reveals a list of all the transitions you can choose from. Move your mouse over each one to reveal a preview.

To represent the passing of time between our two scenes, we will select a “dissolve” transition here. Let’s adjust the transition duration to half a second.

We can see that the transition appears in the timeline. This will let you easily see which scenes feature custom transitions.

Let’s preview the result.

Good. Now we can also use a different transition to represent the flashback when the character mentions his weekend. We’ll use a “fade” transition to represent the flashback, just like in TV dramas and movies.

Let’s see the final result.

That’s it for this basic tutorial, where we used scene transitions to help support the story being told.

Transitions can be a great way to make your videos stand out, but like anything in life, they should not be overused. Too many animated transitions are distracting and impact the flow of the video.

Watch the advanced tutorial for techniques using scene transitions and enter and exit motions to increase the visual appeal of GoAnimate videos.

Happy video-making from your friends at GoAnimate!

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