What Is The Difference Between GoAnimate And GoAnimate For Schools?

GoAnimate is a tool for creating professional animated videos. Common uses include:
  • Training/e-Learning
  • Product explainer videos
  • Tutorials and FAQs
  • Crowdfunding
  • Content marketing
  • Journalism/Blog posts

See examples on our Featured Videos page.

GoAnimate for Schools is a school-safe platform which allows teachers and students to create animated videos in the classroom.

Each implementation is a private, secure, "walled garden" which enables children to work safely in the classroom environment, under the supervision of their teacher.  GoAnimate for Schools offers group management and content moderation features that protect children from sharing and viewing inappropriate material.
Here are a few more differences between the two platforms:
  • Creative assets (characters, backgrounds, props) are filtered to remove those which are inappropriate for schools, such as guns or alcohol.
  • Watermark/Logo will be on all GoAnimate for Schools videos on the bottom left hand corner. The logo will read "GoAnimate for Schools". 
  • Teachers can subdivide the school's accounts into classes and/or workgroups to limit distribution of published videos. 
  • Student videos cannot be found from the public internet, nor can they be shared or exported to the public internet without teacher approval and action.
  • Teachers have pre-moderation privileges allowing them to review student videos before they are published to a class or workgroup. This ensures that inappropriate language or content does not spread.
  • A GoAnimate for Schools Administrator, known as a "Super Teacher," has the ability to share videos with other students in different groups, download them as MP4 files, or export them to a YouTube or WeVideo account.
  • Converted videos download to your computer as an MP4 file with a resolution of HD 480p. All other hosting is in 360p format.
  • You can try both platforms for free, with no credit card required! 
**Please note, videos created on GoAnimate for Business cannot be transferred to 
your Schools account or vice versa.
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