How Do I Make A Downloaded Video Smaller In Size?

There are many different tools for editing video files, and one of our favorites is a free download called HandBrake. The interface provides lots of options, and one simple check box can reduce the size of an MP4 file by up to 80% or more!

What's the magic check box? Web optimized.

To dramatically shrink the size of a video, while having very little impact on the resulting quality, follow these steps, using HandBrake.

Step 1 - Open a source file in HandBrake

Step 2 - Give your output file a name in the Destination field

Step 3 - Check the Web optimized box under Output Settings

Step 4 - Click Start

Your video will be converted to a much smaller size, with little to no change in perceptible quality.

The resulting file should be much smaller. In a recent test case, an 81.6MB file was reduced to 13.5MB with no perceptible change in quality, as shown below.



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