Getting Started (5/7) - How To Add Narration & Dialogue

Make your video sound as good as it looks.

Enrich your videos with GoAnimate’s voice-over feature, a powerful tool for setting the tone of your video and communicating ideas or value propositions to your audience.

GoAnimate Features

GoAnimate has two ways to add voice-over: dialog or narration. Dialogue applies to characters only, and comes with automatic lip-sync whilst narration is voice-over without lip-sync.

There are a few ways to add voice-over to your video:

  • Mic recording
  • Upload your own recording (or select from previous uploads)
  • Professional voice-over with our partners (VoiceBunny)
  • Text-to-speech (TTS), recommended as a placeholder before adding a real human voice.

It’s easy to drag & drop sound files within GoAnimate, and you can import multiple types of formats, such as mp3, wav, or m4a formats (15MB limit per file).

Narration & Dialog Video Tutorial

Getting Started

How to add scene narration:

  1. Click on the scene
  2. In the left tray/panel, click the ‘Narration’ tab
  3. Select from one of the four options
  4. Follow the simple instructions 

How to add character dialogue with automatic lip-sync:

  1. Add characters to your video
  2. Select the specific character you would like to add dialog to
  3. From the left slide-out tray, click on the ‘Dialogue’ tab
  4. Select one of the four options from the menu
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions

Advanced Features:

  • Attach or detach sound from a scene
  • Split and move audio around the timeline
  • Stretch background music to fit your video
  • Create auto-looping sound effects
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