Getting started (1-7) - Drag & drop templates

We set the scene; you customize the rest.

Setting the scene

A GoAnimate template is a scene with a backdrop, characters, props, and text pre-populated for you. With templates you can build dynamic scenes quickly and easily; just use an existing template and build on top of it. We have hundreds of great-looking templates to choose from.

Templates also help spark ideas for your videos, giving you a sense of what’s thematically and visually possible in the platform.

Inside the GoAnimate video maker exist a wide range of template types -- including text, locations, logos and many more!

For an extra layer of customization add your company logo, font, and hex color code to match company branding standards.

Just a few of our templates

Using templates

  1. Start making a new video using the Business Friendly theme
  2. Drag and drop templates onto your timeline to create new scenes
  3. Customize each scene with your desired text, colors, etc.
  4. Preview or Save your video

Use templates to build an effective marketing, sales, or training video in minutes. Or, use it as a great starting point for your video content and add your own unique spin to it.

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