How to Change the Order of Scenes

Wondering how to change the sequence of scenes without having to re-create the scenes in the right order? It's simple, and here are the two ways to do it:


Copy and Insert

On the timeline below the video maker, right-click on the scene that you want to move. We'll pick scene 7 for this instance. Select Copy on the menu.


Now, go to the scene where you want to either insert it before or after (in this case, we'll want to place it between scene 2 and 3). Right-click on scene 2 and select Insert After on the menu. (If we were to click on scene 3 instead of 2, we would select Insert Before)


There it is!



Drag & Drop

Select the scene to rearrange. We'll select scene 7. 


Next, drag it to your desired position and drop it. We'll choose to place it between scene 4 and 5. 


You're all set!

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