Best Practices for Importing Videos into GoAnimate

When you import a video file onto the GoAnimate platform, it will automatically be stored in Your Library.

From Your Library, you can add the file to any video. When you click to add the imported video file to your GoAnimate video, the size of the imported video file will be enlarged.

Here are some tips for importing videos into GoAnimate:

  • File size: your video size must not exceed 15MB. We recommend using a tool like HandBrake to reduce the video file size. See details here
  • Video dimensions: your video must not exceed 1920 x 1080p dimensions. If the video you're trying to import is bigger than this, you will need to resize it with a third party tool before uploading it into GoAnimate. 
  • Resize Image: You can simply resize the video in the scene by clicking on the corner of a video and dragging the file size so it's smaller.
  • Why does my imported video file not play all the way through in GoAnimate? You need to drag the scene on the timeline so that it is the length of the imported video file. For example, if you import a 15s video file then you must drag the scene on GoAnimate to be 15s or more. 

Click here to learn how to import video files into GoAnimate.
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