Creating Professional Videos - Whiteboard Animation Course



This webinar is being revamped and we'll announce more details soon. 


Learn how to create a professional whiteboard animation video in a flash. This webinar focuses on the key production elements to consider when developing your video, along with an understanding of key customizable details to give your video the perfect finish. Whether you want to make an explainer video for your new product, or turn your powerpoint presentation into a compelling video, we'll show you how!


Getting Started 

  • What's your story? - Know your story before you start.
  • Preanimated Templates - make creating videos a breeze!
  • Add mood & meaning with sound


  • Timing your assets
  • Pacing the video with entrance/exit effects
  • Change hands!
  • Add text for emphasis

Types of Video

  • Explainer
  • Training
  • Presentation
  • GIFs
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