GoTeam FAQ

How do I invite people to join the GoTeam Subscription? 

GoTeam subscriptions have at least one Team Admin assigned. Only a Team Admin can invite others to join. If you're a Team Admin, see how you can invite team members here. 


How To Control Video Sharing Permissions

Team sharing permissions are turned OFF by default. Admins can change this setting here.

How do I share a video with another team member?

You can share a video for another team member to edit and/or copy by following these steps.

Can I share Custom Characters with other team members? 

Yes! Click here to see the steps. 


How do I share assets with other team members? 

Click here for the steps. 


Can multiple people edit a GoAnimate video at the same time?

No. The GoTeam subscription plan allows multiple people to review and edit videos, but only one person can edit any given video at a time. If an attempt is made to change a video already being edited by another producer, a message will appear that identifies the other producer, as shown here.  


Why can't I share my video? It's stuck in Draft.

The Team Admin just needs to change the Privacy settings for the subscription. See how here.


How do I (the Team Admin) control permissions for sharing assets? 

See how here.


Will assets shared with all team members be visible to future team members?

Yes. When the Team Admin shares an asset with All Team Members, it includes future team members who have not yet been added. 


What is the GoTeam Priority Service Queue?

Check out this FAQ regarding the GoTeam Priority Service Queue.


How do I export a GIF?

This feature comes with a GoTeam subscription. Click here to see how to download an animated GIF


How do I Password Protect a video?

Click here for the steps. 


 How do I find out about the latest releases?

See how here. You can also subscribe to our Blog to receive our e-newsletters highlighting our newest platform updates. 


How to Add Members

Learn how to add others to your team account.

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