Whiteboard Animation Tutorial



A transcript of this tutorial is provided below.

Hi everyone, today I will show you how to use Whiteboard Animation in GoAnimate. Whiteboard Animation is a great way to engage your audience by explaining abstract concepts visually, making them easy for viewers to understand. In GoAnimate, you can finish an animation in just a few minutes, without any hand drawing.

There are hundreds of ready-to-use Whiteboard Animation templates to choose from, organized by categories. Everything in our templates is customizable. Whiteboard characters feature hundreds of actions, and custom assets can be imported as well. Let me show you how. Drag and drop your desired template onto the stage area. All templates come with pre-installed props and characters that create a hand drawn animation effect and can be edited based on your needs. Recording your voice and lip sync with the characters can be done in a few clicks! “It is easy”

Let’s preview what we have now. Ok, now let’s play with some animation. Animations are easily adjustable: You can extend the animation by selecting the Library tab, and even change the animation target - in this example, you can change the hand that you want to do the drawing. To do this, simply select the hand you want to change and choose from our diverse range of styles. Let’s pick this one and see the difference. Want to create a very specific character? Simply go to our Character Creator and choose from hundreds of different features and styles to build your own custom character! Or, choose from our library of different characters, located in the tray.

GoAnimate has hundreds of stock characters, covering a wide range of activities, occupations and industries. Chances are, you’ll be able to find one that fits your needs! And that’s how you add whiteboard animation effects to your videos! Go ahead and give them a try to add a whole new dimension to your videos. Thanks so much for watching - until next time!

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