Can I Change the Color of a Prop?

Many of our props are not customizable however, we have recently released the ability to change the color for office props.  In order to learn how to update the color of office props, please view the steps below.

1. First, select the prop you wish to change the color on.  The select box will illuminate green.  The Prop Settings will appear on the left hand side and there will be a Color tab option.  Select that.




2. You will see the color will update once it has been chosen from the color palette.




3. If you are looking to enter a HEX code or have a larger selection of colors, simply select the "+" icon. This will extend the color palette. In addition, you can also use the dropper icon to select a color already on the screen.



4. Here you can enter your company HEX code or any color code you wish.  Or, you can move the small bubble around to view other colors.  Alternatively, you can use the little dropper to match a color already on screen.


Thanks for reading! Please view our Blog article: Customizable Office Props to learn more.

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