Character Rear View

Although currently it's not possible to turn a character around in the video maker by clicking a button per se, there's a little trick we all love to use to make it possible to see the back of characters, it's easy to do and it's a quite popular workaround for our users. You can also watch this being done in real-time by clicking on this link from our Pro Tips Webinar and clicking on section "(39:40) Character Rear View".

To see the back of a character, make a copy and flip your character. On the video maker's tray, select "Props" and type in different shapes as needed. For example, in the picture below I used "triangle", "square" and "circle" props. 

Position the props in creative ways that will cover any designs on the clothing and facial features keeping in mind that the shape which will cover the face will be the back of the character's hair. Resize props as needed to fill in the spaces as best as you can.

Match the colors of each prop to the piece of clothing/skin/hair you're trying to cover by using the dropper tool in the "color" tab as indicated in the picture below.

That's it! With a little bit of patience and creativity you can turn your own character around!

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