Enlarging the Prop Library/Video Maker

Sometimes the prop library (and other aspects of the video maker) might seem a bit small. While there's currently no way to enlarge it within the platform itself, a nice little trick is to follow these steps:

1) Open GoAnimate.com and log into your account

2) Zoom in by pressing Ctrl (or "⌘" for Mac users) and + (plus sign) to enlarge the webpage itself on your browser (you can resize it back to normal by clicking Ctrl - [minus sign])

3) Open the video maker

* If you're already in the video maker, simply open a new tab and type in GoAnimate.com, then zoom in. It will make all the elements in the video maker larger

Here's an example of how different the prop library looks enlarged:

Regular size (100%):

Enlarged (125%):


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