Using .PNG Files to Further Customize Your Videos

.PNG files can be of great use when you want to customize your props and characters beyond what is offered on the videomaker. If you upload a .PNG file as a prop you'll be able to pop it in your video seamlessly since the backgrounds of the files will be invisible (some .PNG files will show gray and white squares on the area that will be transparent) to create a wide arrangement of things! Below are two examples I helped two customers create:

Say you want to add a pink bow to one of your characters. This is the .PNG file I found simply by typing "pink bow png" onto Google:

I uploaded it as a prop and placed it on the character's head and voilà!

Here's another great example:

You can add this head:

To one of our character bodies so it can look like this:

Please note that if you wanted the character's head above to be animated it unfortunately won't be possible since the image of the head will behave as any other picture you import. You can add exit/enter effects though. 

If you wanted either of the characters show above to move, you'd also need to move the props along with it. An article on how to achieve this effect will be coming soon to the Tip of the Week. In the meantime, you can fast forward to 24 minutes on our Pro-Tips Webinar recording and see how it's done there!:

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