How to Copy and Paste Assets


Step 1: Select or highlight the asset and click on Copy


Step 2: Go to your next scene and select Paste


The pasted asset will be in the same position from where you copied it.



How to copy MULTIPLE assets


Step 1: Select the desired assets and click Copy and drag the cursor across all of the assets.  You will notice that ALL of them will highlight orange (like the table below).



Step 2:  Once all the desired assets are selected, the highlighted orange will switch to a moveable green boarder.  You can now move the grouped props in any position you choose.  According to the picture below, this will be moved to the upper right corner.



Step 3: Drag the selected grouped assets to the area you wish and Voila!  You're done!



If you wish to learn how to import assets into the video maker, please click HERE.





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