Positioning Your Logo

GoPremium and GoTeam subscribers have the ability to change or remove the logo in their videos. But what if you don't like the default placement?

While all logos will appear on the bottom-left corner of your videos, if you'd like to move yours to a different corner or somewhere else entirely, there's a workaround for that:

Step 1:

While on the video maker, click save on the top-right corner of the screen. If you already have "No Logo" selected, skip to Step 3. Otherwise, click on "Switch Logo"

Step 2:

In the following screen, select "No Logo" and click "Save Only" to go back to the video maker

Step 3:

Make sure you have a .png file of your logo and upload it to the video maker. You can import it as a "Prop"

Step 4:

Click "Add to scene"

Step 5:

Resize and place your logo wherever you like on the screen. Simply copy and paste it in each scene (it will appear in the same place) and it will look seamless once you watch your video! 

Here's an example!


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