Cutting Your Video Into Smaller Parts

If your video is too long (generally, over 5 minutes) and it's taking some time to load or convert you can cut it up into parts for faster conversion and download and then stitch them back together for a seamless look.

To do this, make two copies of your video (refer to the settings menu on the bottom-right corner of your video preview page). Why two copies? One copy will remain intact (the original video, just in case!), the other two will each be split parts of a whole. Just repeat this process twice and give each copy a numbered name:

Once you make 2 copies, close the original since you won't be making any changes to it as a safeguard.

Open one of the copies and decide where Part 1 will end. If possible, try not to cut a whole piece of audio midway. A halfway point of the total length would be ideal if each half is under 5 minutes, for example, but feel free to determine that in a way that makes it easier for you. Select the scene you want to cut the video at and delete any content after it (make a mental note of what scene number this is). Save your video, give it a name and open the second copy.

On the second copy, you'll delete anything before the scene number you cut Part 1. This way, each copy will be complimentary to the other. Save your second copy and that's it! 

Conversions should be much faster when your videos are under 5 minutes. Once you're done converting both parts, download them into your computer and (unless you know of a different tool), use Quicktime to quickly stitch them back together outside of GoAnimate.

This tutorial shows you how simple it is:

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