How to Create a Memory

If you want to make a video which alludes to a past memory or event, you can use any of the tricks below to invoke that feeling:

Idea A - Semi-Opaque Scenes

Step 1: Select your scene 

Step 2: Go to the Text tab on the Tray. Select any text font and it will appear on the stage   


Step 3: Expand the box to take over the entire stage by dragging the corner out



Step 4: Double click to select the text. Select Text Color on the left tray and drag the slider to the far left

Step 5: Select Background and drag the slider to the right to choose your opaque level


You can now add any character to your scene to evoke memory


Idea B  - Visual Effect Scenes

Step 1:  Zoom towards the face of the character who is having the memory using the Camera Tool. Use caution not to zoom in too close as this will cause complexities in the video export process

Step 2: Create your next memory scenes as normal

Step 3: Add the Visual Effects titled Grayscale to each memory scene


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