Customized Vidget Charts

We have dozens of vidgets available in our Infographics theme which can be customized in hundreds of ways with the assets available on our platform. However, if you want to get extra creative or specific, here's a fun way to customize your vidget charts. Maybe you want to compare social media usage in a creative way. While we have some icons in our prop library you can use, if there are any you don't find, make them! 


1) Create an negative image of the icon using any image editing tool (I used paint). Set some transparent areas and import it into GoAnimate.

2) Add the image to the video maker with the Import Media button on the top left corner

3) Add a vidget and adjust the colors and target value.

4) Resize (you can hold the SHIFT key to resize without keeping the aspect ratio). Place the vidget behind the prop

5) Finally, match the background color to your prop's color

6) Preview!

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